Elizabeth H. “Kizz” Robinson,

CDBC, CPDT-KA, Family Dog Mediator

Kizz Robinson and Eddie.

Images courtesy of Jennifer Lee Photography.

2B Dog Training has been helping families and their dogs slow down and figure each other out since 2014. I want everyone to:


In private sessions with me families are reaching their training goals in:

Puppy raising

Basic manners


Introducing children to dogs (and dogs to children!)

Behavior modification for fear, anxiety, and overstimulation

I am also a proud member of the team at PumpkinPups Dog Training where our classes teach dog guardians and budding dog trainers how to integrate dogs into our human world.

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Eddie is a master tricks dog! Kizz loves to teach them.


I love living in Brooklyn because there’s nowhere else like it. Dogs don’t always love the same sights, sounds, and surprises that I do. I have extensive experience helping dogs feel safer in a place that serves up a lot of surprising and sometimes worrisome experiences to our dogs.

As a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant, I focus on discovering the causes of behavior and working to change our dogs’ associations with the things that trigger their reactions. This is how we change behavior for the long haul.

I’ve got your back so that you can concentrate on training and enjoying your dog. I support you through the changes you will need to make to reach your training goals by providing detailed homework emails after our sessions and email support between sessions.


I earned my CPDT-KA certification in 2016.

I was awarded my CDBC title by the IAABC in 2020

I became a Family Dog Mediator in 2023 through Kim Brophey's L.E.G.S program.

I am committed to using evidence-based, force-free techniques.

I keep up with progress in my field, earning continuing education credits to keep my certifications current.


It took me a long while to realize that dog training was my passion. I grew up with cats and almost always lived with cats. I always thought my life and schedule were too busy, too varied, too unpredictable, too something for me to adopt a dog.

In the mid-90s I adopted a German Shepherd mix, Emily, by accident. I know now that Emily was a bundle of emotions and an incredibly compliant dog - a rare combination. I had no idea at the time what kind of support and training could have helped her. She left a huge hole in my life when she died in 2009.

Almost a year after Emily’s passing I adopted Eddie, a chihuahua mix. He was discovered in a Con Edison parking lot and I offered to take him in for the night and figure out what to do with him. I have been figuring out what to do with him every night since.

It soon became clear that Eddie wasn’t going to thrive with a person who wasn’t interested in understanding dog behavior in general and his behavior specifically. For over a decade I have been learning to help Eddie feel safe in his world and have fun. He has made amazing progress and every day he reminds me to:


One of Eddie’s trainers, Rikke Brogaard, said to me one day, “You’re good at this. You should become a trainer.” Soon after that I was sitting in a class taught by Rikke, Jenny Chun-Ossowski, and Viviane Arzoumanian, starting the journey toward 2B Dog Training and becoming a certified dog trainer.

Practicing relaxing with your dog is an important part of training. Book a private session to learn how.


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