What folks are saying ...


Fafner is a high spirited 16-month-old standard poodle. Kizz Robinson - 2B Dog Training - has been working with Fafner since the day he came home. She was at our house with a clicker and pocket full of treats, helping us make his crate a wonderful haven. His crate is still his favorite spot - this alone is worth gold.

As experienced dog owners, we realized training an urban puppy posed real challenges, and this time around we wanted HELP. Kizz Robinson cheerfully helps us recognize both good and undesirable dog behaviors and teaches us ways to effectively communicate with this smart, stubborn hairball.

Fafner likes to romp, jump like a randy goat, and enjoys long walks on the beach. He especially loves a mud bath with that special someone - and as an added bonus, 2b Dog Training even accompanied us to the “Wash Your Own Dog” feature at our local groomer the first time he transformed into a hippo.

While Fafner is certainly still a work in progress, he’s survived his terrible teens and is showing us moments of the affectionate, charming, mostly obedient guy he’s becoming. Kizz Robinson at 2B Dog Training can take a lot of credit for this. She has been a HUGE help in providing and interpreting the operating manual for this nut. I would recommend her to anyone wanting answers to the weird questions our dogs pose.



I connected with Kizz when my year-old terrier rescue, Maggie, starting having problems with anxiety and fear-based aggression, and she's been an absolutely invaluable part of Maggie's training and evolution. Kizz is a terrific listener and is incredibly compassionate with both me and Maggie.  She helped me work through Maggie's issues, and was both creative and flexible in coming up with solutions.  Kizz is smart, resourceful, and also organized -- her training emails are incredibly thorough (and she will definitely make sure you do your homework!).  She trained me as much as she trained Maggie, and both of us are better off for it.